How to Hire the Right Bookkeeper

You cannot win a band competition without instruments, and you cannot succeed in business without a bookkeeping system.

Hiring a bookkeeping service is normally the best choice for every business that isn’t large enough to have a bookkeeper on staff.
Attempting a shortcut by assigning bookkeeping to an untrained employee as a side duty is a recipe for disaster. A sound bookkeeper is identifiable as conducting the work using the right processes.

Reliable bookkeeping services create a system of verification and reconciliation. This ensures data integrity. Bookkeepers accomplish this by comparing your accounting to statements and reports from financial institutions. Good bookkeepers know the effects of debits and credits, because bookkeeping challenges arise frequently. You want a bookkeeper who’s capable of sound thinking and determining solutions. Excellent bookkeepers also understand the big picture in order to coordinate with your certified professional accountant at tax time. Superior bookkeeping demands attention to details by professionals who aren’t afraid to ask questions so that transactions are accurately recorded.

A high-quality bookkeeper doesn’t need an extensive academic record in accounting. More important than formal degrees are experience and familiarity with your industry.

The best bookkeepers are also proficient with technological tools.
Therefore, be sure to ask about the bookkeeping software used and confirm that it renders the reports you expect. Discuss when and how you’ll obtain needed reporting.