Proper Data Storage Can Save Time and Money

Few business problems are more costly, and more unnerving, than losing information. Recovering just a few hours of data entry can take several days and hundreds of dollars. The solution is proper storage of digital information.

There can be intentional and unintentional reasons for losing data. Take, for example, deleting a file by accident. Or not saving it to start with. Fortunately, automatic save features are now built into most applications and self-service local backups represent an easy solution to recovering deleted files without requiring an IT wizard. Cloud-based backups are an inexpensive option to prevent against data loss from natural disasters. In addition, this offsite backup offers protection against data theft and infection of files by outside viruses. A basic offline backup is another solution, which retains at least one copy of data that intruders are unable to access or modify.

Hardware failures are inevitable. Downtime crashes are reduced or even eliminated by servers equipped with RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks). Using a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) reduces data corruption from power failures and overloads. Large businesses have backup data centers and smaller companies can rely upon external hard drives. But, ultimately, there is only one sensible strategy for storing and protecting data and eliminating concerns over data loss. That is redundancy. Simply synchronizing data is not the same as creating redundant copies. The best solution is having multiple backups in different locations.