Do You Really Need to Relocate Your Office?

To expand or not to expand? Summer is often a good time to assess whether you have outgrown your current office space and to consider whether to move. Here are some tips to help with the decision:

Assess the Viability of Your Current Space

With many of your employees on summer vacations, now is a good time to look at how your office currently functions and decide whether to update, change or move.

Often the output gap left by vacationers will reveal whether they have been overworked and whether you may need to add staff. Also, with regular employees on holiday, the substitute staff is more likely to notice an awkward office layout then the incumbents, who have gotten used to it. Even if layout is a problem, it needn’t mean a move. Simply shifting around some filing cabinets and desks may do the trick.

Decide What You Need

If a redesign won’t solve the problem, or if you anticipate outgrowing your current space, decide how much space you need and consider a larger unit in your current building. As long as you remain a tenant at the same location, you may avoid a lease-breaking penalty.

If you do plan to relocate, you’ll want to avoid locations where Internet service is slow or cell phone reception is poor. Ask tenants at your prospective location about their service providers.

Moving an office, like moving a home, can be traumatic. Take advantage of summer to be sure that disruptive move is actually needed.