Automation Requires More – Not Less – Outside Support

Business owners know that to stay on top of conditions impacting their companies, they need to become one with their financial reports. However, this isn’t easy; wringing useful information from financial reports needs to be the result of tireless bookkeeping work.

In the start-up phase, pieced-together data in a spreadsheet may deliver adequate information. But a business owner expecting to thrive over the long haul needs better numbers. Fortunately, there is accounting software to automate the process. Unfortunately, automation is also the bane of small-business owners with limited bookkeeping knowledge.

Why? Because not everything in an automated system is automatic. Individuals lacking experience with double-entry bookkeeping commonly make data entry mistakes. Some events, such as purchases and sales of capital assets, depreciation expense, and borrowing arrangements, pose real problems.

If you enter data yourself, you may make mistakes – which can slow you down or throw you off track. If you expect a family member or college intern to handle the function, well, more of same.

Truth is, there’s no substitute for an expert. Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer or you opt to hire someone for data entry, you still need professional assistance to check for errors and record complex transactions. Skilled accountants and experienced bookkeeping services deliver crucial value. In return for the cost, you have the security of reliable financial statements to aid in managing your business.

The takeaway: Automating your accounting doesn’t relieve you of the need for outside assistance tailored to your needs and budget. In fact, it may make it even more crucial.