How to Limit Those Nasty Financial Surprises

We all know people who are quick to respond. But thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and mega-successful business owners don’t wait to respond. They’re proactive. And it pays off for them – big time.

Some people are born with a “proactive personality.” But research shows that no matter where you are in your life cycle, you can develop a proactive mind-set. Even if you weren’t born with this trait, you too can improve your chances of success by choosing to look – and act – ahead.

The list below comes from an article written by David Van Rooy, Walmart Canada’s vice president of talent and organizational capability. In it, Van Rooy outlines seven tips to help you become more proactive. They are:

  • Focus more on the future. Learn from the past, but look toward the future.
  • Take personal responsibility for your success. Don’t wait for others to lead you.
  • Think big picture. Consider your ultimate goals and determine how to achieve them.
  • Focus on what you can control; let go of the stressors you can’t.
  • Prioritize. Not everything is important. Choose what is and focus on it.
  • Think through scenarios. Anticipate what could happen in your industry and stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Make things happen.

Reactive people respond to events after the fact, and, as we all know, sometimes that just needs to happen. But those who look ahead, anticipate what may happen, and take steps to capitalize on opportunities create their own reality.

What kind of business owner do you want to be? It’s your choice.